Medical-grade papers

Excellent recording paper for exact diagnoses

Medical-grade papers are not comparable to conventional printer paper. These papers are usually thinner and highly tear-resistant and they provide optimal printing results and clearly defined grids as well as charts for CTGs, EEGs, ECGs, and EMGs.

Medical-grade papers: Recording papers and their advantages

The recording papers we offer produced by various manufacturers provide you with following essential advantages:

  1. Exact diagnoses are made possible by accurately rendered charts

  2. Exact recordings of the measured values of EEGs, ECGs, CTGs, and EMGs ensure proper documentation of the diagnoses.

  3. Precise adaptability of the paper to the device used

Medical-grade papers: Choose and order various types

Would you like to order top quality medical-grade papers? Take a look at our extensive range of recording papers - it's very much worth your while!

In our online shop, we offer medical-grade papers that are suitable for all common applications. No matter whether you need recording paper for EEGs, ECGs, CTGs, or EMGs, we offer you the right paper and supplies for all devices:

  1. ECG paper and CTG paper:

    You can order both of our ECG and CTG papers as accordion folded or on rolls in standard or archive quality. Actually, both types are very similar to the ECG paper in terms of quality and design. However, both differ in terms of the grid lines or diagrams that graphically depict the collected data.

  2. EEG paper and EMG paper:

    Our EEG and EMG papers also offer you top quality in various versions. Whether thermal recording, ink recording, or carbon tape rolls, in our shop you will find everything you need.

You will additionally find all well-known manufacturers of diagnosis recording papers and can choose from various packaging units and scopes of delivery.

To make your selection easier, you will find the device manufacturers sorted by name and the corresponding recording papers.

The items in our line of products are used in hospitals and medical practices as well as for ambulatory treatment of patients at home.

The continuously consistent high quality of our recording papers is hallmarked by exceptional purity. The extensive testing and quality control facilities in the laboratories of our paper manufacturers guarantee top quality.

See for yourself the excellent quality of the recording paper and order in our online shop today.