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Quality due to experience

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Welcome to our online shop for medical practice and hospital supplies! We – Diagramma AG – offer you products from the following fields: Medical supplies, medical-grade papers, patient safety, printer paper, accessories for measuring and control technology, as well as hygiene materials. 100 years of experience in this area speaks for itself.

Medical practice and hospital supplies: Quality due to experience

Thanks to our more than 100 years of experience, we know exactly what matters when it comes to medical practices and hospital supplies. We work exclusively with high-quality machines, with state-of-the-art equipment, and our specialists have years of experience in the field of medical engineering. It is no coincidence that we enjoy an excellent international reputation! We have dedicated ourselves to the high quality and reliability of our range of products and guarantee that day after day only the best products leave our company. At the same time we offer you an unique flexibility and are able to respond particularly to individual customer requirements.
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The first technical paper was developed and produced in our company in 1904 – and even back then, the focus was on our own designs and manufacturing processes with machines manufactured in-house.

All equipment manufacturers always adapt their technology to current aspects – and here, too, we of course go along by always gearing our machinery to cutting-edge developments.

Since 1992, we are able to put the world’s fastest automatic chart roll winder into operation, and development continues to this day, since innovation means the progress we strive for. In the meantime our share of exports increased to around 60% and this top position in the international market indicates that the path we are taking is the right one – we strive for innovation while maintaining the highest quality of our products.

In the online shop, you will find our extensive range of products, such as medical supplies, medical-grade papers, patient safety, printer paper, measurement and control technology equipment as well as hygiene materials and many other products from the field of hospital and medical practice supplies.

Below, you can find an excerpt from our product lines.

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Pascal Treyer, CEO Diagramma AG

100 years of experience speak for themselves: We are your experts for hospital and practice supplies.

An extensive range of medical supply products at reasonable prices

You can choose from a wide range of high-quality hospital and medical practice supplies products online from us – Diagramma AG – at especially reasonable prices.

We attach great importance to offering you only top quality products that makes your daily medical routine easier.

100 years of experience speaks for itself. We are your expert in the field of hospital and medical practice supplies. Buy everything from one source with us – we look forward to welcoming you as our next satisfied customer!

Medical-grade chart papers

The first medical-grade chart papers were launched in 1930 when the development of medical practice and hospital supplies was still in its initial stage. However, shortly thereafter the first recording pens followed by special designs and special purpose papers appeared.

In 1950, the first recording devices were applied in medical engineering and the paper received a thermosensitive coating. The USA pioneered the new chemically coated thermoreactive paper. Soon, new forms of recording became possible and simultaneously at the same time ways of decreasing costs were being sought.

Medical supplies

We offer an extensive range of medical supplies in our online shop for medical practices and hospitals, but also to many specialized medical practices and the medical practices of general practitioners and internists.

Hygiene material

Although you are already familiar with many of our products for hospital and medical practice supplies, we like to present our numerous hygiene and surgical dressing procucts. The products mentioned are equally indispensable for everyday use in hospitals and medical practices as they are for emergencies:

Industrial supplies

The industrial and medical engineering sectors use primarily professional and expensive chart recorders. The required industrial products such as OEM ribbons, felt-tip pens, ink, and dot print heads are available in our online shop.

Patient safety:

Patients entering hospitals or medical practices expect a flawless medical treatment and a safe medical health care. Ensuring good medical treatment i s not so difficult with the right patient safety products. It must be possible to identify patients correctly in every conceivable situation, even if they are unconscious or unable to understand the language. An important tool to ensure an unequivocal identification (ID) of patients is for example the use of a patient wristband. Taking patient safety seriously and using the right tools will help prevent errors, improve health processes and outcomes, and boost confidence in the health care system.