Patient safety

Helpful products for error-free medical treatment

Patients want nothing more than flawless medical treatment and safe medical health care. Ensuring good medical treatment is not so difficult with the right patient safety products ...

Patient safety: Patient safety in the daily hospital routine; avoiding mistakes!

The daily routine prevalent in hospitals today is becoming increasingly hectic and the demands on medical specialists and nurses are increasing. It is therefore extremely important to ensure the safety of patients with supportive products.

It's a fact that most incorrect medical treatments and administration of wrong medications and active ingredients could have been prevented!

Quickly recognizing drugs and active ingredients in critical patient conditions and potentially dangerous situations in particular is therefore extremely important for safe treatment. This is where products for the labeling of medications help.

So-called patient ID wristbands are also helpful for ensuring patient safety. They help to uniquely identify patients, their health status, prescribed medications, and possible allergies.

The subject of safety in the hospital has top priority in order to treat patients as well as possible according to the criteria mentioned above and to reduce errors.

With our line of products, we contribute somewhat to this end by offering not only the previously mentioned patient ID wristbands for newborns, adolescents, and adults, but also various types of labels for exact labeling of medications.

Patient safety: Using patient ID wristbands and medication labels

One thing is clear: Fewer mistakes happen with the right products for patient safety!

  1. Patient ID wristbands:
    Patient safety begins with newborns who have the typical small name wristbands attached to their wrists. This avoids mixups to ensure that the "right" baby is assigned to the "right" mother.
    However, patient ID wristbands also play a role with regard to older children, adolescents, and adult hospital guests since their name, patient information, insurance, and any special conditions have to be visible at all times.
    If, for example, the patient is known to have an allergy to certain active ingredients, this important item can also be noted on the wristband. The doctor has this information immediately on the patient's wrist and does not have to look first in the file - particularly in emergency situations when the time gain is an additional advantage.
  2. Labels for marking medications:
    This, however, pertains not only to allergies to certain drugs. Administering the wrong medication to non-allergic patients can also be easily and quickly prevented!
    The correct and clear labeling of medicines and active ingredients is absolutely essential. Electronically printed labels leave no doubt as to the correct medication, active ingredient, quantity, and dosage. Handwritten, illegible labels are a thing of the past. Mistakes are minimized and patient safety is increased.

Patient safety: Suitable products for the safety of your patients

Choose the right patient safety products for error-free medical treatment and safe medical care.

Would you like to buy high-quality patient ID wristbands? And also optimize labeling of your medications? Then take a look at our extensive range of products in our online shop.

Reasonable prices and fast delivery are guaranteed, so you can be sure to address the subject of patient safety as quickly as possible.