Medical Supplies

High quality products for reliable diagnoses

Although medical supplies cannot replace the expertise of physicians and hospital staff, they play a decisive role in obtaining the correct diagnosis. We thus offer you a wide range of selected medical products.

Medical supplies: Large assortment and first-class products for precise results

Here you will find a large assortment of high-quality medical supplies for physicians and hospital staff. You can order everything that modern hospitals and today's specialized medical practices need for precise examination results. For one thing is clear: Without high-quality medical supplies, physicians and caregivers are unable to do their work properly and make reliable diagnoses. Extensive examinations are only possible if medical supplies aid suspected diagnoses or make diagnoses possible in the first place.

The medical engineering sector is constantly working hard to develop medical supplies that are more and more efficient and user-friendly. This results in the production of many new products that find their way into the practices of general practitioners and specialists as well as in hospitals.

Important is not only the floor-mounted equipment and portable examination devices used for diagnoses. High-quality medical equipment plays a decisive role, since "cheap products" can falsify examinations or render examination results unusable.

First-class products aid in determining a suspected diagnosis or allow differentiation of diagnoses in the first place. Based on the data collected, treatment can be initiated or the physician can prepare a therapy schedule jointly with other physicians. They are often based on their recommendations of previously made examinations - all the better if they can be made extremely accurately and in great detail thanks to high-quality supplies.

With our first-class medical supplies, diagnoses become more reliable and easier - for the benefit of the patient and for more confidence in the physician.

Ordering medical supplies: Large selection in our shop

It is best to not simply buy medical supplies just anywhere, but preferably directly from us - your partner for high quality medical products.

In our online shop, you will find electromedical supplies and products for ultrasound examinations. Gels, pastes, and sprays – you have a wide range to choose from.

We also offer a variety of different electrodes. You will find electrodes for all medical applications such as those for resting, monitoring, and Holter ECGs, various adhesive electrodes, electrodes especially for children, as well as clamp or suction electrodes and much more.

We of course also offer all the other products you need in your medical practice for medical examinations:

A special field of medicine is the electrosurgery (ESU), which of course requires essential medical supplies. Our range of products includes neutral electrodes, active electrodes, wires, adapters, and other equipment.

We offer a wide range of medical supplies, various medical products, products for optimal patient safety, and hygiene products for hospitals and medical practices directly in our shop.

Please use the compatibility list to find the right supplies for the equipment implemented in your medical practice or hospital.