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Only high-quality printer papers from Diagramma for hospitals, medical practices, and laboratories

Only with high-quality printer paper are hospitals, medical practices, and laboratories able to document their examinations and secure their diagnoses. In our extensive online shop, we offer first-class medical printer papers for various applications and devices.

Printer papers: For reliable documentation and perfect results

You require high-quality printer paper in order to be able to reliably document perfect examination results in hospitals, medical practices, and laboratories.

Regardless of the examination currently being performed, physicians and hospital staff need a flawless printout as a permanent record for the physician responsible for further treatment as well as archiving. A supply of high quality medical printer papers must be guaranteed for all imaging procedures as well as for laboratory diagnostics.

Among other things, we offer various video printer papers for X-ray and ultrasound examinations such as black and white, color, high gloss, and extra high-resolution quality and in different sizes depending on the device used. We offer products from different manufacturers and other supplies, so that you can order everything you need from one source.

In addition, we offer various types of laboratory papers in our online shop. You can order, for example, archive quality thermal paper. This in addition to plain paper in thermal transfer quality, paper for Vitalographs, radiometers, photometers, and much more.

We additionally offer a variety of different printer papers in our two "Thermal paper / Plain paper / Electro-sensitive paper" and "Labels" categories. Ranging from printer rolls with tractor feed holes, through plotter rolls and films, labels for direct thermal and thermal transfer processes to metal or electro-sensitive paper, our shop offers everything to meet your individual needs.

Printer papers: High quality medical printer paper in our shop

Would you like to order high quality printer paper? You will find various types of printer paper for various purposes in our online shop:

We offer video printing papers and Polaroid films from a wide range of brand name manufacturers. Brand names such as Sony, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Seiko, and Kodak - all manufacturers and styles of paper that have long been an integral part of many medical facilities.

Our laboratory papers are available on rolls or as accordion folded, in standard or archive quality. When ordering, take the right type and quality for your individual purposes into account.

The thermal papers and the electro-sensitive papers, as well as laboratory papers, are available in many different designs and types. When ordering, take the manufacturer name and the device compatibility into account.

We have created the Labels category with great deal of care - it's worth your while to have a look! Whether in the laboratory, for admitting new patients, or for labeling drugs - all medical practices and hospitals require large quantities of labels.

We offer the right printer paper for every purpose and for every device.

Order our high-quality medical products for your personal needs today. We offer you everything from one source for laboratories, the field of specialized medicine, and for hospital supplies! High quality at a reasonable price - convice yourself!